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Lamp Shade Size Guide

What are the rules in deciding what is the correct size of lamp shade for your lamp? Here's a simple to follow guide.

Anatomy of a Brilliant Bed Sheet
Here's how to find the very best bed sheets. To understand what makes a truly brilliant bed sheet you have to delve into the science of fabric production. The fabric and the weave are what make the difference. Here's why. Long...
Insider Tips To Keep Your Glassware Looking Great
We wanted to know how best to keep our glasses and carafes looking their best. So we turned to one of our manufacturers for their advice. They've been in business since 1475 (no that's not a typo), so they know...
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sheets
How To Keep Your Sheets In Tip-Top Condition. Bed linen is one of the things in life that we use day in and day out. Here's a simple guide to keeping them in tip-top condition. STEP 1 - Wash New...
The Escapology Duvet Buying Guide
How To Select The Perfect Duvet. Ever wondered what the difference in duvets is? Here we demystify the fuss about 'tog' numbers are the numerous fillings to choose from. So what is a 'tog'? Most people have heard about togs...
How To Ensure Your Furniture Will Fit Through Your Doors
It's a common problem - you've ordered a new piece of furniture but are worried it won't fit through the door when it's delivered. Avoid that stress and follow these simple steps in measuring your access so you can order without fear of having your new prized possession stuck in the garden.
Colours That Go Together - Colours of 2016
Looking for colours that go together? According to Pantone, the colours that go together for 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity. These colours go together and match brilliantly with a wide range of other colours. Why Rose Quartz and Serenity? Colour psychology....
How to Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs?
How to Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs What do you do now the days of having a three-piece suite as the central furniture of your living room have gone? To mix and match sofas and chairs can seem daunting but...
Want To Know Our Top 10 Interior Design Tips?
Want To Know Our Top 10 Interior Design Tips? You can deliver an awesome look with some simple interior design tricks. We've listed them here for you.
Perfect Room Lighting

So what are the secrets to perfect room lighting?

Good lighting can improve and enhance a room’s look and feel. Choosing the right table lamps and overhead lighting is critical to the style of your room.

Bed Linen Care - How To Look After Your Bed Linen With Care, A Simple Guide

Make sure your bed linen lasts and looks as good as the day you bought it!

There are some simple ways to ensure correct bed linen care to extend the life of your bedding. Launder bed linen with confidence and the care takes care of itself.