Sofa Beds

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Not one to be constrained by notions of what constitutes a regular sofa—as solely a place for sitting — we have a collection of quality sofa beds. A modern-day approach to having a sofa that is comfortable for everyday use and is comfortable for sleeping. They are equally bed and sofa, making the most of your space.

Escapology's collection of 2-seater and 3-seater modern sofa beds includes exceptionally comfortable transformers, each with their own speciality particular situations. There are casual three-seaters with removable top cushions perfect for hosting a couple of friends; stylish modern two-seater pull-outs that masterfully tie a living room together in one moment, then turning it into an impromptu bedroom with ease in the next.

Our unique approach to sofa beds ensures that everyday use as a sofa isn't compromised. Equally built as a quality sofa and quality bed, each cleverly contains a quality mattress equal to that found on most beds. So whether it is a sofa-bed chair, a two-seater sofa bed, or a three-seater sofa bed, you don't need to give up comfort for functionality.

All come in quality fabric in a variety of colours and contain super comfortable mattresses—most with a fully formed pocket sprung mattress construction.

The versatility of a sofa bed is an easy way to open up your space, big or small. Living in a size-deficient studio flat? No problem. A combination sofa and bed has just freed up some much-needed square footage. When you need some extra sleeping capacity for guests pop open that sofa bed and you are ready to go.

If you are looking to maximize your space, comfort, and add effortless new style to your home, take a look through our selection of modern, comfortable, two seater and three seater sofa beds.