Creative Display by Geraldine James

Creative Display by Geraldine James


In Creative Display, Geraldine James shows how you can create the perfect table setting from mismatched plates and cutlery, how the simplest set of shelves can be arranged to create a miniature still-life, and how essential storage can become something beautiful in its own right. Geraldine introduces new ways to upcycle the everyday and recycle the reclaimed – a weathered barn door becomes a striking side table, a stack of magazines reinvents itself as a lamp table and a gently rusting metal radiator cover finds a new life as a display shelf for a treasured collection of seashells. The everyday item becomes a work of art and even the most mundane objects can be seen in a new light. In Creative Display you will find new and unusual ways to turn all your treasures into exciting art forms.


  • Written by Geraldine James
  • Hardcover, 220 pages
  • Published in March, 2012
  • Geraldine James works at Selfridges as Home Buying Manager and has also authored Creative Walls


19.5cm W x 24cm H

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